Traditional Cottages in Images

traditional-cottages-in-imagesOne of the most important pages of the website, the image gallery, presents people with the cottages, the village and the surrounding environment, in order to allow them to make a solid opinion about what the resort has to offer.

There is an extensive array of albums, one for each of the different cottages and one for each of the local attractions, such as the theater, museums or pubs. Since the golf course is administered by a private company, users are advised to visit their particular website, where they will also able to find out more information about the practiced fees and available golf packages.

If one wishes to find a particular cottage from all of the available images, he or she can use the dedicated search function, which will allow people to use search filters and therefore find the required content much faster.

The cottages or local attractions can be searched by their corresponding name, year of construction, accommodation capacity, architectural style, previous owner or price tag. All that visitors need to do is to input the preferred search parameters. Running the query will list all the images that meet the entered search criteria. In order to discover the image in an even easier way, users have the option to sort the search results, again, by using the above-mentioned parameters.

Aside from the cottage image gallery, the website also features a painting gallery featuring famous painters who came and stayed at the cottages over time: they have contributed with their renditions of the cottages and other elements that comprise the Countryside Holiday Cottages resort. All the paintings can also be purchased, both as digital scans or in their original, physical state.

Users who find paintings that satisfy them, can add them to a favorites list and in case there are any price fluctuations, they will be notified through the provided email address about the latest price updates.