Last Minute Deals for People on The Rush

last-minute-deals-for-people-on-the-rushSince the owners of the cottage domain are well aware that some people might be caught with business and that time is a valuable resource for some, they have designed this page in order to offer last minute deals for those who are either late or just happen to drop by and need some form of accommodation. Think of it as a little extra help.

There are two main packages available as last minute deals: one for those who are making the reservation by phone and one for those who arrive personally at the reception requesting for accommodation.

The first package allows one to contact the reception prior to arriving and communicate the details of those who are about to be accommodated. The deal states that if there are up to 10 persons which wish to be accommodated, two of them will be placed free of charge and another three will receive a “Free Pub Pass”, which basically grants them free access and beverages to all of the pubs in the Countryside Holiday Cottages domain, for one night.

The second package allows people to accommodate up to five persons in a cottage, at the price of three, therefore saving almost half of the total potential accommodation price. However, this deal does not offer users the possibility to select the type of cottage where they are about to be distributed. This is mainly because of the short notice protocol and the fact that the accommodation availability can be highly variable.

Those who wish to make use of the first package, can use the contact page and call at any of the telephone numbers provided, since after stating their inquiry they will be quickly redirected to the front office.

On the other hand, people who find themselves in the second scenario, can simply arrive at the reception and state that they wish to adhere to the policy of the second last deal package and state their total number of persons and any other specific requests.