Finding Us on a Map Was Never This Easy

finding-us-on-a-map-was-never-this-easyThanks to the advancements in information technology, the owners and staff of the Countryside Holiday Cottages can offer people a set of versatile tools for navigating to the location.

Those who wish to come by themselves at the Wendens Ambo vilage in Essex, by car, must be aware that after leaving all the main highways that connect the cottages with the neighboring villages and counties, the available roads are traditional, countryside roads, which feature either tarmac or pebble-covered roads. Therefore, those who wish to arrive up until the cottages themselves are advised to either rent a 4×4 car or call upon the shuttle services offered by the Countryside Holiday Cottages, which can pick anyone up from a radius of 400 kilometers, from cities such as Ipswich or even the capital itself, London.

In order to help those who wish to travel by car, the website offers a dedicated GPS application which can be downloaded for free on users’ mobile or tablet devices and used in order to arrive at the cottages in a timely manner. No registration or user accounts are required and all that one needs to do is download the application, install it on the preferred device and initialize it, after which it will automatically provide graphic and verbal navigation hints until the destination is reached.

Aside from reaching the cottages by car, people can also profit from the well-designed rail infrastructure and take one of the numerous trains that reach the Countryside Holiday Cottages every half an hour, this way ensuring that constant access for tourists is provided. One aspect that must be considered though is that in the 01:00-04:00 hour interval, the train frequency is reduced to one hour.

This can be valuable information, especially for those who are arriving late and do not wish to wait for too long in the train station, case in which they can use the contact numbers from the dedicated page and call upon the shuttle services.