Dreamy Cottages Around the World

Dreamy, fairy tale and enchanted, these are a few of the words most people looking to take a break from their daily grind hope to see when they are looking for cottage accommodation. Here are some of the dreamiest cottages around the world that have travelers saying, “See you again” instead of, “bye bye”.

The Mill Cottage in Cumbria

the-mill-cottage-in-cumbriaWith an accommodation of four guests, this is the perfect cottage for a private and romantic getaway. The Mill is newly refurbished with a charming balcony view overlooking the river. Located in the Eden Valley, this cheery cottage is truly dreamy.

The Romantic Cottage in Cheltenham

For a romantic hideaway, there is no better place in Cotswolds than the Romantic Cottage. It has a breathtaking and cozy loft with a gorgeous duck pond, and nature simply comes alive all round this beautiful cottage. Perhaps the best part of holidaying in this cottage is taking a natural bath under the rain in their famous glass-ceilinged shower.

The Pentop Cottage in Snowdownia National Park

Located in a beautiful clearing smack in the middle of the Gwydir Forest, this offers the perfect holiday destination for outdoorsy couples. With lots of biking trails and raw nature surrounding the cottage, there’s plenty to do during the day. Come night, sit on the balcony and enjoy watching the stars in the dark forest sky. Pentop’s interiors are modest but cozy, akin to a romantic stay in a cabin in the woods.

The Red Kite Tree Tent Cottage in Powys

This is one of the most unique cottage accommodation ideas you will find on the Internet. The cottage is a tree house that swings in the conifer forest, resembling a massive imago. The inside is simple with a sofa bed and a stove to keep the room warm. This is the perfect romantic destination for couples looking to hide from the rest of the world and live in their own chrysalis.

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