Countryside Holiday Cottages’ Official Website

On this website, people will be able to find out more about the wonderful Countryside Holiday Cottages, the ones who administer them, how to reach this establishment and what facilities are available to the avid tourist.

This set of articles that is presented here was created with the purpose of allowing people to preview the cottages, the places that surround them and therefore be able to know the venue before reaching it or placing a reservation. Thanks to this well-structured website, the numerous tourists which come to the cottages every year, are able to set up their accommodation details prior to their arrival.

Being located in Wendens Ambo village in Essex, south-east England, in one of the most picturesque areas, the domain where the cottages are is by far one of the most accessed and visited tourist attractions in Essex and the neighboring areas. Not only does it offer the standard accommodation services, but it also features other local attractions, such as a cottage museum, some traditional pubs and a well established theater.

If these reasons alone aren’t enough to motivate users to browse through the pages of this website in order to preview the attractions, the Countryside Holiday Cottages also come with a golf course, which is meant at addressing the customers which enjoy relaxing their mind in a scenic, traditional environment.

Therefore, without further ado, the owners of the Countryside Holiday Cottages invite everyone to have a look on this fresh new website, pick a preferred cottage, make a reservation, bring their family and friends with them and enjoy themselves in a soothing atmosphere.