Bring Your Pets With You

bring-your-pets-with-youOne of the special services that sets apart Countryside Holiday Cottages from other similar venues, is the fact that they allow people to have their pets with them when staying and spending their holidays or free time there.

This feature has attracted numerous clients who are hesitant about leaving their dog or cat behind and want to have them with them to keep them company. In order to be able to benefit from this separate service, when requesting a reservation, the recipients of the reservation confirmation need to either use the dedicated pet request form present on this page and submit it, or contact the customer support staff by telephone, which will be more than happy to help anyone set up the details for any accompanying pet.

There is however an internal policy that states that all pet request must be performed prior to arriving at the cottages, within a time frame of at least one week. This is requested in order to ensure that the specialized staff furnishes the reserved cottages with the necessary accessories for pets, such as sand trays for cats, chewing rubber bones for dogs and dedicated littering boxes.

The Countryside Holiday Cottages go even further and provide their customers with a veterinary doctor, which will be ready to offer prompt and responsive services in case any emergencies occur with one’s pet. A dedicated internal number is provided in each cottage, which will send a call to the medic’s office, which will present himself regardless of the current time.

The veterinary services are free of cost and are included in the pet reservation package, which has prices that range from 100 pounds for cats and up to 300 pounds for more unusual pets, such as reticulated pythons or iguanas.

When filling out the pet reservation form, people can select the animal species and the price will be automatically updated on the billing information, allowing them to preview the expenditures before placing the order.