Available Accommodation and Recreational Facilities

available-accommodation-and-recreational-facilitiesFeaturing an entire array of cottages, each with different capacities and characteristics, the Countryside Holiday Cottages resort will ensure that people who choose to spend their vacation there will find the right cottage for their personal requirements.

The current offer includes 50 cottages, out of which 30 are featuring a 15 person capacity, 10 can accommodate up to 5 persons and the last 10 cottages are for couples only, with either twin or king size beds, upon request. Each cottage features an independent kitchen and is fully equipped with all the appliances one is accustomed with, such as TV, fridge or washing machine, therefore making staying in them an old-time experience… with a few contemporary perks!

People can simply bring all their stuff with them and live in the cottages as they would live in their homes, spending time in a traditional and perfectly preserved environment.

In addition to the accommodation facilities represented by the cottages, the Countryside Holiday Cottages resort also features several other recreational facilities. The first that can come to mind is the vast golf course, which in order to respect the traditional countryside atmosphere has been designed to meet the specifications of the golf courses from over a century ago. This way, golfers who attend the golf course will also be “traveling back in time” and experience what past players would have experienced then.

Other attractions include several museums where guests can view traditional techniques that were used in the past and are no longer available in the village, along with the countryside theater that ensures that everyone gets their share of cultural heritage while they’re staying at the Countryside Holiday Cottages.

For thirsty travelers, the cottages also feature multiple traditional pubs, where one can easily enjoy and discover the varieties of local beer produced in this very area.