Accommodation Reservation and Availability

accommodation-reservation-and-availabilityProbably the most important aspects to check before arriving at the Countryside Holiday Cottages, the availability for accommodation, together with the price range, can be consulted on this particular page where prospective visitors will be able to find detailed information about each of the available cottages and the total necessary amount for a specific reservation.

The list of cottages can be sorted just like the images from the image gallery, just that this time customers will benefit from additional parameters, such as the required reservation interval, availability and price range.

Once they have clicked on the cottage database, people will be able to see a list of all the cottages, their availability for the next 30 days, price range for each day in particular and the number of persons that can be successfully accommodated.

Each cottage features two special buttons, one for initializing the reservation process and one for saving the selected cottage for later viewing. The latter is especially useful when tourists are looking at more cottages and wish to create a list with favorite ones, to which they can return at any moment. All the cottages that will be saved for later viewing are displayed on a ribbon menu that rests at the very top (or bottom, depending on the browser choice) of the page, enabling everyone easy access to previously viewed cottages, for comparison and evaluation.

The tourist rating system available on this page allows people who have had the pleasure of spending time at Countryside Holiday Cottages to rate the cottages using a five star system. This is useful, since it enables those who are prospecting for accommodation to become aware of what others thought after spending some time in a particular cottage.

After selecting a preferred accommodation option, people can reserve it, either by using the separated feature, which will require of them to provide their email address and input special requests, if any, or by telephoning at the Countryside Holiday Cottages reception, at any time of the day.